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The Elder Scrolls Online Guide Comparision

Feeling like a total newb every time you log on and see your guildmates progressing faster than the time it takes to conjure horses from the Soul Cairn? Sometimes it just doesn't pay to reinvent the wheel. That's where an intelligent gaming guide can give gamers a real leg up, because let's face it -- not all of us can spend 80 hours a week attempting to level up and get some decent gear. Unfortunately, with everyone claiming to be an expert, finding the best guide can be a bit of a minefield.

The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Hot on the heels of other online gaming advice manifestos is this elder scrolls online guide, whose writer claims to have cribbed his notes from time spent with the beta version, tweaking any discrepancies with the final product once the game was released to its various platforms. As with other strategy guides, this one touts the passing on of exclusive information, such as advising players on the tricky matter of finding skyshards and how to customize within your class. There are some personal experience-driven ways to grind for gold without it becoming a chore. The guide also prepares users for their endgame conflict and, Odin willing, their successful conquest of the Imperial City.

As there are some great insights into gameplay and customers have access to any future information updates free of charge, it's definitely worth its price.

The Elder Scrolls Online Mastery Guide

This eso mastery guide claims to propel readers into leveling up in just four days, a boast that might be legitimate or just might be a gimmick to get your sweet gaming budget dollars. And those dollars are pretty sweet indeed, because once you sign up for their service, you've got a choice of six different gaming guides, each with a price tag of $37. Interested in crafting tips, leveling up advice or tips for character builds? You'll be paying $37 apiece for this information, rather than a one-time fee for all information current and future, as offered by other guides. This site does maintain a player's forum, but it's up to the individual player to decide if this perk justifies the extra cost, as you'll already be paying a monthly subscription fee for ESO and if you're an Xbox gamer, a Gold membership as well.

Elder Scrolls Online All Stars

The Elder Scrolls Online All Stars guide promises players a level of information that will result in them having an "unfair" advantage over fellow gamers. Using the three-pronged approach of delivering exclusive tips on PVP, gold farming and leveling up, this gaming guide seeks to deliver secret advice for a $17 per month subscription fee, a price that might cause sticker shock in some players. Is the price justified by the level of information received? That's something buyers will have to answer for themselves, but other gaming guides come in for substantially less cost and offer similar information.

This guide matches other products on the market by offering free updates when new patches or new game content becomes available. There's also a free guide to mastering the intricacies of gathering gold that players can download. The guide is written by three expert gamers who each specialize in their own particular skill set and offer personal advice on how to advance right through to the endgame battle.

Elder Scrolls Speed Leveling

This Elder Scrolls Speed Leveling guide is written by a single gamer who boasts vast experience with MMOs and is a self-claimed speed leveler. Using techniques that have garnered him impressive wins with the beta version of ESO and in other MMOs, players will look forward to leveling up within a week and gathering impressive amounts of gold to fund builds. The price, however, is a bit of a surprise. Coming in at a subscription cost of $27 per month, it's hard to see exactly what secret information or personal advice can justify the expense. Sure, this gamer claims to have a wealth of personal experience, but so do other guide writers who charge substantially less for their proprietary information.

All future gaming updates are supported free of charge and there's a 60-day money-back guarantee of satisfaction that stands behind the speed leveling guide. For those who are concerned that this is a large outlay of cash for a guide that doesn't seem to offer much more than guides costing substantially less, at least there's recourse to get a refund if not fully satisfied.


While the entire Elder Scrolls franchise allows players a greater measure of freedom with its "sandbox" style of gameplay, compared to other MMO/RPG options, gamers can still benefit from some trenchant advice in order to optimize gameplay. Don't fall on your sword trying to do things the hard way when a bit of good advice might be all that stands between you and an epic endgame. While these four guides are listed according to quality of advice, price and attention to detail, it's up to each gamer to decide which guide is the right one to complement their personal gaming style.
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Benefits of Crafting in TESO

Master Level Dungeons hit hard, and if you want to challenge bleeding edge content before the difficulty becomes trivial, you'd better have everything in your bags to live through the adventure.

Potions, food and drink buffs and other great benefits are a must on any MMORPG, and Elder Scrolls Online is no exception. Making food and drinks is so amazingly easy to level as you adventure throughout Tamriel that it can be progression suicide to not be prepared on your own.

As with any Elder Scrolls game, it's important to loot everything. Don't worry; unlike the single player Elder Scrolls games, you won't be accosted by the authorities after "accidentally" opening a drawer in someone's room. Get all the materials you can, store as many of them as possible within the bank cities and be prepared for a fight to the death.

In addition to adventuring safety, many poor gamers make the same simple mistake as they play through the game. If you ignore crafting and just level because the words, "max level is cool and I wanna level fast!" make sense to you, profit is being left on the table.

Crafted goods are not just for you. Crafters often control the market, placing their items across the world of in-game sales for others to purchase. Without a crafting possession well leveled at end game, your character risks a very poor life of buying everything needed for dungeon crawling with nothing but loot to sell. Loot sells well, but being able to afford the gear to adventure successfully is not as easy.

If crafting simply bores you, focus on a profession that you like or need. Heavy armor and weaponsmithing for tanking roles within the Templar and Dragonknight can make gearing less of a pain, allowing those early endgame craftables to go directly on your back. No more saving up endless mountains of gold for someone else's price tag when you can simply farm the materials for your own use.

Accessories are always a good market to break into, as the difficulty in accessory drops and socketable items will often send many players to the Guild Stores of powerful guilds. By marketing your wares to the guilds in charge across the factions of Tamriel, an international game of weapons dealing will be at your fingertips.

By being your own source of gear, consumables and a respectable income, enjoying Elder Scrolls for its finer points can be a much easier endeavor. Start early, farm to the top as soon as possible and be ready to handle Master Level without begging for gold.
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Elder Scrolls Online Beta Experience

From taking part in Elder Scrolls Online's beta, one thing is apparent right away-- Bethesda is planning for ESO to be a major hit with both Elder Scrolls fans and traditional MMORPG fans. The game is attempting to strike a line between both audiences, and for the most part the effort comes across as a success. It's different enough from MMORPGs like World of Warcraft to garner the attention of gamers looking for something different yet still familiar, but it's also heavily developed with single player gamers in mind.

The Single Player Experience

Immersion is a huge part of Elder Scrolls Online even from the very beginning of the game. The opening tutorial serves as an introduction to the systems of the game but it also serves as a way to introduce the story that places your character at the heart of it. The introduction is very similar to other Elder Scrolls tutorials. After the tutorial, the game world opens up significantly.

Like other Elder Scrolls games, leveling is a story-based journey, but it's also one where exploration and discovery are brought to the forefront. Crafting, gathering, lockpicking, mounts, PvP, quests, skyshards, achievements, guilds and skill line progression are all introduced in a very natural manner that is as immersive as possible. As you gain levels in the game, the world continues to open up even more.

One interesting aspect about leveling in ESO is the fact that grouping is entirely optional during the leveling process. There are multiple types of dungeons and world encounters that are best completed while in a group, but they are optional. Players hoping for a full single player leveling experience can enjoy one in full. Story-based quests create different phases of zones that may actually prove difficult for questing with friends frequently.

The MMORPG Experience

On the flip side, players hoping for a pure MMORPG experience full of difficult monsters, world bosses, dynamic content and dungeons can do so while leveling and especially during endgame. Grouping in the game is easy to do and there are numerous activities to stumble across that are easier to accomplish while with a few friends. Even during beta it was simple enough to find groups for dungeon and group content.

The flexible skill line system encourages group play but also works in favor of solo play. Each class has a large amount of support and utility skills that help them solo efficiently or help out when in groups. The holy trinity (healer, tank and DPS) are in place, but the requirements are extremely loose and players are able to create custom builds that take on whatever role they prefer effectively. All classes can wield all different weapon and armor types which opens up some interesting options.

The PvP beta experience was quite enjoyable for most testers, and early impressions seem to be that Cyrodil-- the large-scale raid vs. raid PvP battleground-- will be one of the largest allures of Elder Scrolls Online. The zone meshes together PvP objectives and PvE objectives while giving small groups a lot of options to swing the battle in their favor with the help of siege weapons and smart tactics. The wide range of utility abilities players have also works well for PvP.

Most beta testers-- myself included-- found themselves pleasantly surprised by the end of the latest beta testing period. While the beginning tutorial can seem a little closed off, the more levels you gain, the larger the world of Elder Scrolls Online becomes. The openness of the world combined with both single player elements and MMORPG elements makes ESO one game that will surprise many.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Preorder Options

Gamers interested in picking up The Elder Scrolls Online are able to currently preorder the game for PC/Mac, XBOX One and PS4. Preordering the game before it's released on April 4th gives players some great digital bonuses including five days of early access gameplay (for PC/Mac only), the ability to play any race without a faction restriction, a Scuttler vanity pet and a collection of bonus treasure maps. Players receive these bonuses when preordering on any platform.

PS4/XBOX One Options

Now, as with most game launches these days, there are numerous options when it comes to choosing an edition of the game. Console players will be able to choose between the Imperial Edition and the Standard Edition. The Imperial Edition comes with a 12-inch statue of Bolag Bal as well as a physical printed map of Tamriel and a 224-page illustrated guide.

The Imperial Edition also comes with a few extra digital, in-game goods including the ability to play as the Imperial race (that works with any faction), craft Imperial items and present your character in Imperial-styled gear. They also gain a special Imperial White Horse mount, the Mudcrab vanity pet and the Rings of Mara, which allow players to use the rings and gain an EXP bonus with a friend. The Imperial Edition also comes with 30 free days of gameplay. The Standard Edition only comes with the 30 days of free play. Both versions come with the preorder bonuses above minus early access.

PC/Mac Options

PC/Mac players will have a few more options. They're able to purchase digital copies of both the Imperial Edition and the Standard Edition as well as retail copies of both the Imperial Edition and Standard Edition. The digital version of the Imperial Edition doesn't come with the physical goods such as the statue, but it will also be cheaper. Both the physical and digital PC/Mac Imperial Editions also come with the digital goods listed above, including the five days of early access play and 30 free days of gameplay.

The digital Imperial Edition is $79.00 while the digital Standard Edition is $59.00. The pricing on the physical copies will vary based on individual retailers. The same is true for the XBOX One version and the PS4 version.

When choosing between the various versions of The Elder Scrolls Online, price will understandably be the number one factor to take into consideration. The bonuses for the Imperial Edition are decent, but entirely optional. The five extra days of gameplay for preordering the PC/Mac version are definitely worth making a note of, however.

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ESO Guide to Emperor in PVP

One of the biggest features in the Elder Scrolls Online will be its focus on PVP content. Starting at level 10, players can begin contributing to their respective factions’ war effort by killing other players and conquering territory in the zone of Cyrodiil. Aside from being a well balanced and fun mode of gameplay, the PVP content, which is another feature you should know in eso, in the game will allow players to attain the highest station possible in TESO. Players that participate in Cyrodiil have the chance to become emperor of Tamriel.

Becoming the emperor of Tamriel requires two things. A player must be on the winning side, meaning that they’re on the side of the alliance that captures Imperial City. Once one of the alliances has captured the city, a new emperor will be crowned. At that time, the title of emperor will be given to whichever player has the most alliance points. This isn’t just a title to boast about. Being emperor will open up an entirely new skill line for the player, giving them a very sharp edge while fighting.

Not much is known about the emperor skill tree at this time, but it will be a truly powerful pvp focused path. You could check at KillerGuides for more information. This is a permanent upgrade for the player, too, because the player crowned emperor will retain the skill tree even if dethroned. Though after being usurped, the skill line will become significantly less effective. This isn't good news for that emperor, but it's a good incentive to keep the best and the brightest participating in the conflict.

How does one get the most alliance points? It wont be easy. Players wanting to become emperor will have to completely outshine their competition. They 'll have the option to kill enemies, heal allies, or capture keeps. These are the three main ways to earn alliance points, and in order to be truly effective it's best to focus on doing all three rather than just killing as quickly as possible. Everyone else on your side will be doing those things too, but if a player does manage to become top dog, then the title of emperor is theirs for the taking.

It's good to be on top, and The Elder Scrolls Online will give players the opportunity to triumph if they have the proper resolve. After that, it’s up to the player. Will it just be five minutes of fame or a long standing iron rule? See firsthand once the Elder Scrolls Online is released on April 4th of this year.
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What You Should Know About The Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls Online is a fantasy MMORPG based off the highly-popular RPG series The Elder Scrolls. The universe is shared as are many of the central character stories and lore points of interest. Many mechanics and features of the franchise's open-ended class system are also present. The game will be released on April 4th, 2014 for Mac/PC with future releases for the Xbox One and PS4.

Classes and Races

As with all The Elder Scrolls games, players will be given a great deal of choice in The Elder Scrolls Online. There will be three separate factions made up of three races for each. Each race offers unique appearances, customization options and passive/active racial abilities. Each faction also has a different set of zones and storylines to complete.

There will be four classes in TESO: Sorcerer, Dragon Knight, Nightblade and Templar. More info about classes could be seen in this site. Every character will be able to create custom skill builds that mix together abilities and passives from three class skill lines as well as weapon skills lines, armor skill lines, racial skill lines and guild skill lines. Any class can wear any type of armor or wield any type of weapon as long as they place skill points within that given tree.


Combat roles such as tank, healer and damage dealer will be loosely defined instead of rigid, and players will be able to shift between roles by switching out their weapon during combat. Players will be able to create any type of hybrid build and playstyle they wish. Hybrid builds may do especially well while soloing and for PvP, as an example.

All players will be able to utilize Sneak outside of combat and dodge and block while fighting. Using these abilities and utilizing interrupts and special synergy abilities with other players will grant finesse points, which reward extra experience, bonus effects that speed up combat and other rewards. The camera can also be zoomed into first-person mode while in or out of combat.


Crafting will be a major part of the game and players will be able to gather raw materials such as wood, ore, fish and herbs to help them with their chosen tradeskills. A character can master up to two crafting professions. There are five total: Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Provisioner, Enchanter and Alchemist. The crafting itself will be based largely around exploration and combining different ingredients together. There won't be recipes and schematics. Players will be able to find raw materials for crafting in boxes and barrels around the world and even in towns.

eso crafting

Endgame and More

Four-player dungeons will be a large part of TESO and players will be able to use a group finder tool to find a group for a dungeon. A trinity (healer, tank and DPS) setup will not be required. While endgame raids won't be a part of the game at launch, players will be able to continue questing in other faction's zones as well as take part in Cyrodil, which is the PvP war alliance war. They will also be able to explore adventure zones, which are large-scale maps made for level capped players that contain challenging world boss fights and similar encounters.

Similar to most MMORPGs, TESO will have mounts, pets, achievements, hidden treasure chests and plenty of side activities to take part in. As far as future development goes, story will be a large pillar in The Elder Scrolls Online, and the development team hopes to add new story-based content to the game at a fairly brisk pace. TESO will require an initial purchase as well as a monthly subscription.

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Character Creation in The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online features a robust character creation system with plenty of options for making a character that's completely unique and that represents you, the player. There are nine different races to choose from and some are very different such as the Argonian race that's reptilian or the Khajiit race that's wild cat-like. All races are humanoid, but the facial features and body textures and features differ between each significantly.

Every race will be able to choose between a large amount of character creation options. Most of the options are represented through sliders that can be used to adjust everything from your character's height to their type of hair, facial appendages, tattoos and even specific parts of their body and face.

For choosing a body type, players can adjust the width of every area of the body. You can create an overweight character or thin character by adjusting the various sliders. Some sliders are even visualized using a triangle, which means there are literally hundreds of ways to customize your character fully. You can also adjust each body part separately such as the chest area, torso width, arm width, shoulder width, neck width, overall height, hand size and skin color.

There are a large variety of tattoo options and skin texture options for every race. Some options differ slightly based on which race you chose. Human-type races and Elven races, for example, get a large variety of tattoos and optional body paint styles. The Khajiit race can choose the color and texture of their fur. You can go with tiger stripes, cheetah spots, leopard spots or a solid color panther look. The Argonian race can choose scale color and scale textures.

For the face, you can adjust everything from the shape of your character's head to the width of the cheekbones, how far the chin sticks out, the slant of the eyes and the width of the eyebrows. You can also add separate tattoos, body paint and adornments to the face of your character. There are a lot of different hair styles, of course, and it's also possible to place scars on your character.

Check out the video below to see how advance of the character creation in the Elder Scrolls Online is!

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Soul Gems Revealed

The Elder Scrolls Online is one of the most highly anticipated MMORPG games scheduled for release in 2014. Featuring Player v. Environment (PvE) areas ruled by factions as well as a Player v. Player (PvP) zone known as Cyrodiil, this game personalizes gameplay by allowing players total control over every aspect of their character.

All armor and weapon types as well as spells are fair game to each character, regardless of class or race. Thus, each player can develop a personalized fighting style, centering on anything from close combat to summoning spells, in order to defeat opponents. This adds an element of mystery to playing PvP as there are no set standards for characters based on class or race, and appearances can be deceiving. Luckily, players will have the opportunity to avenge any untimely deaths with the help of Soul Gems. These gems, which may be bought in bulk or filled using the Soul Trap spell, enable players to resurrect themselves, regardless of the circumstances of their demise. Granted, supplies of Soul Gems are not endless, ensuring battles meet decisive ends.

The Elder Scrolls Online also offers players the opportunity to play all three factions on one account. While every character will be able to travel the breadth of the land, regardless of their alliance or eso classes, this enables players to experience each faction's unique storyline from the beginning. Although, in order to prevent sabotage or casualties by friendly fire these characters will not be assigned to the same campaign instance.

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The Hybrid Penalty as It Pertains to ESO

In this day and age, the dominant MMO design philosophy as it pertains to basic class structuring usually revolves around pegging each class into clearly defined roles. Characters that are brought up in such a way that they specialize in only one of these areas will usually perform better in their role than characters whose skills fall into more than one role.

For example, a mage character that is focused exclusively on DPS will outperform another mage in that job if the second mage is trying to both deal out damage and heal. That, in a nutshell, is what people generally mean when they talk about the 'Hybrid Penalty' in MMO's.

This is present in different games at different extremes, but in Elder Scrolls Online it is possible that every character in the game, regardless of class, could end up being a hybrid. In ESO every class has three skill trees to choose from, and if that was not enough armor and weapon types have their own skill trees. Even each race has its own unique skills.

This variety of choice means that it is all too easy to players to create hybrid characters. It will be unsurprising that a majority of early player characters will be hybrid in nature as this game will not mainly focus on class. The question of balance will ultimately be how ZeniMax handles the huge variety and layers of hybridization in PVP in a way that does not render all but a handful of builds under-powered and underutilized in Tamriel's first online game.

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Detailed Look to the Elder Scrolls Online Templar Class

The Templar, one of the playable classes for those looking to get into the Elder Scrolls Online, is a class that is designed to use the burning sun and light magic to diminish the health of his enemies while also using restoration spells to keep his allies alive. It is essentially the paladin of the world of Tamriel, also granting the ability to use weapons for more direct damage. Templars come with a special group of light- and sun-based attacks to restore their stamina, restore magicka and bring their enemies back to optimal health.

In all, it is the ability to heal that makes the Templar an interesting class more than any other. Perhaps most notable is the fact that healing spells do not have any kind of cooldown, allowing you to heal both your allies and yourself as fast as you can cast them. You're also not limited to healing as you can deliver high magical damage, such as through Sun Strike: a basic magic attack that deals light-based damage to enemies and does not use up much magicka.

Information about the Templar is still sparse this point, but all three trees are known to the public.

Aedric Spear

Active Abilities:
- Puncturing Strikes: This spell will deliver a series of four attacks for high damage and will knock back the target on the final hit.
- Piercing Javelin: This prompts the Templar to toss a spear at an enemy and deals high physical damage while knocking back the target.
- Focused Charge: This allows the player to charge a target enemy and stop it from completing its attack while delivering magic damage.
- Spear Shards: This is an area spell that will do damage and disorient a target enemy. An ally can also pick up a spear and receive a bonus to damage.
- Sun Shield: The Templar can deploy a shield that attacks nearby enemies.

Passive Abilities:
- Piercing Spear: This passive ability increases your critical strike rating on spear attacks.
- Spear Wall: This increases your block while having a spear equipped.
- Burning Light: This makes it more likely that you'll deal extra damage when using a spear.
- Balanced Warrior: This permanently increases power and resistance.

Ultimate Ability:
- Radial Sweep: The ultimate ability, this AoE attack damages all nearby enemies.

Dawn's Wrath

Active Abilities:
- Sun Fire
- Solar Flare
- Backlash
- Eclipse
- Blinding Light

Passive Abilities:
- Enduring Rays
- Prism
- Illuminate
- Restoring Spirit

Ultimate Ability:
- Nova

Restoring Light

What would players expect from a Templar, who is most like a paladin in the Elder Scrolls series? These players are designed to properly protect and heal groups, and this is exactly what is possible with the Restoring Light tree. If you are interested in playing as a healer, this is the appropriate class to do just that as you can heal your allies rapidly while also considerably decreasing how much damage your allies will take during a battle. Refering to esotemplar.com, the Restoring Light tree will definitely become one of the most important of the group regardless of whether you are playing through massive PvE battles or attempting to support allies in a player versus player environment.

Active Abilities:
- Rushed Ceremony: This is a standard healing spell for the Templar.
- Healing Ritual: This is a direct spell that will heal the target.
- Restoring Aura: This increases the regeneration of both health and stamina for allies in the area.

Ultimate Ability:
- Rite of Passage: This heals the Templar while drastically decreasing damage to allies.

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The Appearance of Weapons in the Elder Scrolls Online

When playing the Elder Scrolls online, the player is bound to come across various weapons at different levels of the game. These weapons usually have different appearances and with each of them designed to serve a different role. Moreover, pr every level, the appearance of these weapons tends to change and so does their performances.

For instance, each of the races has different weapons and per every level, the look of the weapon will change. For example, during level one, the orcish sword will only have an appearance that looks one way but if the player plays well and progresses all the way to the 50th level, the orcish sword will have adopted a completely different look hence will be able to attack the enemy a lot better and easier.

Other than the nine basic racial styles of weapons, there are other unique ones which are easy to distinguish for they vary in terms of sizes, the materials used in making them, their tints and most definitely their capabilities. As such, the weapon a player has determines their fighting and defense capabilities. For instance, a player using an orcish sword at level 20 is more capable of fighting his/her enemies faster than one at a lower level.

Above everything else, the real fun of playing the Elder Scrolls Online game comes with the wide range of weapons that are hidden inside the booth walls. Some of these include the quiver arrows and detailed bows, daggers, swords alongside an assortment of armor such as the Elven cloak.

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The Spells of the Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer

In theory, the Sorcerer is one class that is generally designed to wear light robes and a staff. However, in the upcoming MMO Elder Scrolls Online, this is a class that can wear any kind of gear or armor as the class faces no limitations in that regard. The Sorcerer is also capable of wielding any kind of weapon, so instead of a staff, a player could instead cast spells with a sword in one hand. At the moment, there is little information about some of the special abilities that Sorcerers will get, there is a little information available about the skill trees that the class may study.

Skill Trees

Daedric Summoning: This is one tree where your Sorcerer can get a small creature to follow you passively. At the moment, the creatures will only last for a moment or so, but the intent of the dev team is to have this creature stay around permanently. Additionally, there are a number of buffs that help in battles, but these are not yet named.

Storm Calling: This is a tree that houses a spell known as Mage's Fury. This is a powerful spell that executes lightning, and the longer it is cast, the damage to the target will increase. When the spell is nearly finished casting, it will release a powerful punch. Other spells in this tree that are also powerful and use lightning include Lightning Form, which is a solid attack that players can make at a ranged distance, making it beneficial when keeping mobs away at a distance.

Dark Magic

Dark Magic is a crowd control tree that is the most well known about the Sorcerer at the moment. This school has a number of controlling spells and debuffs to place on enemies, allowing the Sorcerer to immobilize enemies, snare foes, silence mobs and immobilize everyone else in between. Some of the passive abilities within this tree are also capable of giving the Sorcerer the ability to restore health and increase the strength and duration of your Dark Magic spells.

Players who enjoy the concept of controlling their targets will find the most solace in the Dark Magic tree, but note that it is not a tree that offers spells for high damage. The premise of this tree is to use skills to control and immobilize enemies, which makes it an excellent PvP support class; you can control the enemies and wait for your allies to deliver the heavy damage. They are also especially beneficial to use in PvE if you intend to be a ranged character; you can kite enemies and keep your distance while using a bow or a staff to diminish the target's health.

As with all other classes, it is important to note that the more you use a specific skill, the faster it will level up for your character. Maintaining chains and combos will start to give you an idea of what spells work best for your sorcerer once you start unlocking new spells throughout the game. In addition, beginners get a Destruction Staff that will deliver a high amount of damage for the level you start with. After this, you have a Restoration Staff that is designed to restore your health on the go.

Truly, the possibilities are endless since you are not limited to a specific armor set or gear type. Sorcerers can use bows and arrows just as easily as they could wield a sword and cast magic while slicing enemies in half. At the end of the day, this is just another very versatile class to pick in the Elder Scrolls Online.
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Introduction to Clannfear in the Elder Scrolls Online

Anyone experienced with the Elder Scrolls series has certainly tussled with the species of enemy known as the Clannfear. This formidable foe has been redesigned with a fierce new look and characteristics that will be unveiled in the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online.

The Clannfear are a variation of Daedra who have their origins in the otherworldly planes of Oblivion. These nasty creatures are dinosaur-like in their appearance and are somewhat reminiscent of velociraptors. The Clannfear's new look will now feature a smaller frill, plated spikes along the spine and a deadly tri-tipped tail capable of inflicting serious damage on its victims. In addition, the animal will possess a set of razor-sharp claws it can utilize to bring down its opponents.

In this latest incarnation, the beast has received some modifications to its behavior as well. While Clannfear have always been quick and deadly, they will now be more intelligent and crafty than ever. The creatures will be more aggressive and predatory in their conduct and the dreadful brutes will even work together to attack and conquer their prey. Even when idle, the beasts will always be on the lookout for their next victim.

To add to the Clannfear's terrifying new image, developers have overhauled the noises made by the creature. They have mixed the sounds of birds, horses and various other farm animals to further amplify its frightening persona. Various grunts and snorts will now be heard coming from the animal as it searches for its next prey.

With all of these modifications, even those already familiar with the Clannfear will find themselves confronted with a largely novel creature in the Elder Scrolls Online.

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ESO Nightblade Skills and Abilities

The Nightblade is a playable class in the Elder Scrolls Online MMO, designed to use the night and shadows to sneak around and perform sudden strikes for high damage to unsuspecting enemies. It should go without saying that a hidden attack is never expected, which is why delivering an attack from stealth to an unsuspecting enemy will cause higher damage. Nightblades are friends of the nighttime and are very familiar with using magic in order to weaken their enemies. The best choice of weapon for this class are light weapons, such as small swords and daggers.

While the Nightblade works best with light weapons, the best armor for this class is medium armor. This is because it will provide enough protection while keeping movements quiet; in fact, it is nearly impossible to detect a good Nightblade who is donning a set of medium armor. Keep in mind that this kind of armor also provides a bonus to your stamina pool, which is the major resource pool for a Nightblade. Similarly, heavy armor is a bad choice if you are looking to play sneaky since it will not provide any bonus to your stamina or sneak skills, though it does increase your health and damage resistance. Above all, being a Nightblade will not be easy, but you do get the versatility in how you want to play.

The Nightblade can train in three different trees: Assassination, Shadow or Siphoning.


As the name suggests, this tree is designed for Nightblades who wish to sneak around and deliver powerful attacks to assassinate enemies with one go. The skills are as follows:

Assassin's Blade: An active ability that deals damage, with more damage dealt to those with low health.
Teleport Strike: This active ability causes you to transport to your target, stunning them and dealing direct damage.
Blur: This active ability lets you debuff your enemy by lowering his accuracy.
Mark Target: This active ability lets you put a mark on a target with high health, which causes that target to take extra damage; you will also be healed if you kill this target.
Haste: The final active ability, this briefly increases how fast you can attack with your weapon.
Death Stroke: The ultimate ability of this tree will deal damage to the target and reduce how much healing they can receive.


Appropriately named, this tree lets you turn invisible briefly, remaining active even when dealing damage. The skills are as follows:

Shadow Cloak: Grants invisibility briefly.
Veiled Strike: This active attack will deal more damage and also stun enemies, but it requires stealth.
Summon Shade: This will summon a shade creature to attack enemies.
Path of Darkness: This will damage enemies directly in front of you and increase your speed while on this path.
Aspect of Terror: Enemies nearby will gain Fear.
Consuming Darkness: This ultimate ability buffs you with an increased dodge chance.


The final tree, this focuses on dark magic as you siphon health from your opponents. The skills are as follows:

Strife: This places a DoT on a target that will heal you.
Agony: This will place a DoT and a stun on an enemy, but any other damage will drop the effect.
Cripple: This puts a DoT on an enemy and slows him, granting an equal speed bonus to your character.
Siphoning Strikes: In exchange for self weapon damage, you can gain some stamina and magicka back with damage.
Drain Power: This causes nearby enemies to drop attack power, granting it to you instead.
Soul Shred: This ultimate ability deals major area damage and stuns enemies.

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The Best Monthly Subscription for The Elder Scrolls Online

As the release of the Elder Scrolls Online closing in there's a lot of discussion about what the subscription fee will be. Will they follow the classic model of a monthly fee, or will they go with a micro-transaction model? There are a lot of options out there, but some tend to be better than others. They could use a classic model, the "freemium" model, or even the micro-transaction model.

The Classic Model
The Classic Model follows what massive multiplayer online (MMO) games have been doing since Everquest. They charge a flat, monthly subscription fee. This is usually around $15, though in some cases a bit more, or a bit less. Many MMOs have used this model successfully, not to mention the powerhouse World of Warcraft. However, it has its drawbacks. A monthly fee can be a real drain on the wallet, and some players feel that after spending up to sixty dollars to purchase the game itself they shouldn't have to keep paying. It also has its upsides. The Elder Scrolls Online could charge a monthly fee that helps insure that their staff are paid, and that there's a steady cash flow to allow expansion and innovation in the game.

The Freemium Model
Freemium is a combination of the words free and premium, meaning that the game is free to play, but has content unlockable via payment. Freemium games have a lot of appeal, as there is a low or no-cost barrier to joining the game. Players make an account and begin to play the game immediately. This is an effective way to get a large audience quickly. However, the portions of the game that players can pay fees to access quickly can create resentment in the user base. Many companies also make the game quite difficult without accessing the premium content to incentivize paying the fees. The Elder Scrolls Online could adopt this model, but would likely alienate their base audience, which is already quite large.

The Micro-transaction Model
Micro-transactions are similar to Freemium, but typically players still pay for a copy of the game. Inside the game, extra goodies and content are unlockable for small fees. Sometimes these convey in-game advantages like better ammunition for ranged weapons or better armor, but sometimes the in-game items are just aesthetic. The company makes money on lots of little transactions instead of a monthly fee or by pressuring the audience into making purchases for substantial gains. This model could work quite well for the Elder Scrolls Online.

In conclusion, there are many different models for payment that could benefit the Elder Scrolls Online. Monthly payments insure steady income that allows the company to expand the game. Freemium content pressures players into paying more money to get ahead in the game, and micro-transactions allow extra options for players without breaking the bank. For the Elder Scrolls Online, the best model is likely a mix of Classic and Micor-transaction. For a small monthly fee of about $10, they could insure a steady influx of cash, while offering special benefits or deals for purchase through the micro-transaction model.