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Published by Elder one year ago

ESO Guide to Emperor in PVP

One of the biggest features in the Elder Scrolls Online will be its focus on PVP content. Starting at level 10, players can begin contributing to their respective factions’ war effort by killing other players and conquering territory in the zone of Cyrodiil. Aside from being a well balanced and fun mode of gameplay, the PVP content, which is another feature you should know in eso, in the game will allow players to attain the highest station possible in TESO. Players that participate in Cyrodiil have the chance to become emperor of Tamriel.

Becoming the emperor of Tamriel requires two things. A player must be on the winning side, meaning that they’re on the side of the alliance that captures Imperial City. Once one of the alliances has captured the city, a new emperor will be crowned. At that time, the title of emperor will be given to whichever player has the most alliance points. This isn’t just a title to boast about. Being emperor will open up an entirely new skill line for the player, giving them a very sharp edge while fighting.

Not much is known about the emperor skill tree at this time, but it will be a truly powerful pvp focused path. You could check at KillerGuides for more information. This is a permanent upgrade for the player, too, because the player crowned emperor will retain the skill tree even if dethroned. Though after being usurped, the skill line will become significantly less effective. This isn't good news for that emperor, but it's a good incentive to keep the best and the brightest participating in the conflict.

How does one get the most alliance points? It wont be easy. Players wanting to become emperor will have to completely outshine their competition. They 'll have the option to kill enemies, heal allies, or capture keeps. These are the three main ways to earn alliance points, and in order to be truly effective it's best to focus on doing all three rather than just killing as quickly as possible. Everyone else on your side will be doing those things too, but if a player does manage to become top dog, then the title of emperor is theirs for the taking.

It's good to be on top, and The Elder Scrolls Online will give players the opportunity to triumph if they have the proper resolve. After that, it’s up to the player. Will it just be five minutes of fame or a long standing iron rule? See firsthand once the Elder Scrolls Online is released on April 4th of this year.